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Frequently Asked Question

I just ordered a shirt. When will it arrive?
All orders have a 24 waiting period to give customers a chance to make changes. Once this is done it will take us no more than 7 days to print, check quality, and ship your order. All Orders usually arrive in 10 business days or less.
What’s your refund/exchange policy?
If you're not pleased with your purchase from, just contact us within 14 days and we will give you a refund or replacement. While we hope it doesn't come to that, we'll make it as painless as possible. In addition to the "30-day Satisfaction Guarantee," Beyond Basick Apparel is covered by a Limited Warranty.
Oh no, I messed up my shipping address and/or shirt size! Can I change it?
Yes. All orders have a 24 hour waiting period to give you time to make changes. If you contact us after this period we will still do our best to update your order.
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